1974 Mountain Dulcimer Wav / Exs


1974 Dulcimer

I spent a little time trying to get an inspirational virtual version of 1974 Dulcimer of my stepfather !

I didn’t found happiness in libraries around as I was seeking for a realistic, natural vibe and a warm woody sound and feel, something directly inspiring. With the feel of pick attack.

I made a precise mic placement and tracked stereo sample of every string in different tunings, to expand initial possibilities of the instrument with full sustain.  I added some fifth chords, hand percs, slides…

Record : XY pair of Neumann KM184  —> Preamp + EQ Universal audio 2-610 channel—> Universal audio apollo converters.
Edit : soft tuning correction with melodyne and denoise with izotope RX5 and nothing more.

•    Delivery : Download link
•    Format : Nord nsmp & ns2p + individual Exs wav  (option).
•    1 sample /note +  fifth chords + hand perc + slides
•    nsmp unlooped version : 10 Mo : around 5 sec sustain sample
•    Wav : 180 Mo with Logic Exs instrument. 24 bits – 44100
•    Mapping :
C1 —> C5 : individual samples
F0 -> B0 : sound effects
C#5 ->  C6 : major arpeggios
C#6—> C7 : minor arpeggios
•    Price : 10€  + 10€ for wav Exs files
•    Lien vers l’article sur le Forum Nord
•    Order via Pay Pal (no need to create an account )

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